May we introduce you to PRB.
We have been established in the horsebox & specialist vehicle world for the last 25 years where we have amassed a wealth of knowledge and have built a reputation for quality of workmanship in our manufacturing, after sales and servicing departments which has developed into an enviable 70% + repeat / referral sales rate, Something we are extremely proud of.
Our aim then, as now, is to provide affordable transportation vehicles built to our high standards and designed for longevity, not down to a price. To expand our range further we have introduced our new R series, a complete remodeling from appearance to many build features.

Our philosophy is based on customer satisfaction with our product and providing the multiple choices that need to be considered when initially purchasing your vehicle. We regard it as our responsibility to explain the various options to ensure your vehicle choice is correct for your
future years of its ownership which when all said and done will be a 3-5 year partnership. You will need sufficient room to carry out your needs with all
their encumbrances and a galley / living area suitably attired to your needs with safety, of course, paramount when taking into account the all important weight aspects.

Our products are an evolution, over time one develops a knowledge of what will be sufficient based on the previous 800 units in commission and extensive customer feedback.

Weight and strength are both measured with the same vital importance.
When initial construction principals and materials are considered. The nature
of the weight and centre of gravity is of prime consideration when designing a product dealing with Horses as a live loads teaches Us this, where you have to involve Safety, Ventilation, Restraint and generally create a friendly but usable safe environment. Our choice of materials had to be primarily aluminum which offers strength combined with lightness and above all puts up with alkaline (a bi product of livestock) with hardwood board overlay for containment and Styrofoam insulation built into the panel work for consistency in temperature.


Human requirements unlike equine involve multiple choice.
As such we have designed our interiors using all of the latest technologies and
modern kitchen, caravan & marine materials and techniques as a modular layout where most desires can be catered for where the volume of choice is considerable, from colours to fittings and facilities to floor coverings.
Most designs are based on a flexible time honoured formula which we incorporate into a modular body frame construction.

Once again on initial interest, we go to great lengths to explain what is available, how it can be fitted and at what cost both financially and weight wise. The payload issue is always of equal importance when being incorporated into your layout plan.

With multiple choice decisions for multiple variations of use, we take all into account when the initial proposal is hatched. To this end we primarily design our vehicles to be cool, roomy and well ventilated in a way that takes care of
its valuable cargo using high quality and durable materials not just for now but over many years of future service.

Let our experience work for you when you make your future decisions, we regard it as our responsibility and pleasure.


Created without Compromise by experienced equine nutritionists. Since starting feeding TopSpec our horses have put on topline and muscle. Their coats and general well being have also improved.
We are very excited to be feeding TopSpec and the horses look great. TopSpec as a company are helpful and all the feeds are of the highest standard.