October 15th (with novelty classes heights the same) &  22nd
November  5th,  12th,  (with novelty classes heights the same ),  19th & 26th
December 3rd & 10th CHRISTMAS SHOW.

CLASSES for the novelty shows and for the CHRISTMAS show will be the same heights as normal shows, classes will be on here soon.

CLEAR ROUND 9 -10. Set as small X  & poles, if you would like to jump bigger please come early and we are happy for you to put the jumps up. £5 per go. Last entry for clear round at 9.45. CLOSES AT 10 PROMPTLY.
CLASS 1.  Trotting poles, small x poles & fillers to the side. Open to anyone wanting small jumps on or off the lead rein. Shorter course. Helpers allowed. £5
10.30 pm
CLASS 2. 45cm.  Helpers allowed in the arena. £8
CLASS 3.  60cm.   £8
CLASS 4. 70cm. £8
CLASS 5.  80cm.  £8
CLASS 6  90cm.  £8
CLASS 7. 1m.   £8
CLASS 8. 1.05/1.10m.  £8

Clear round and Class 1 rosettes to everyone. Classes 2 – 8 Rosettes to 6th place.
All entries on the day. WE DON’T HAVE A CARD MACHINE. So cash or cheques please.

October 15th. November 12th ( classes may be different on 12th)
Clear Round 9-10.  set small. £5
Class 1.  1/2 x poles and trot poles. £5   fences 1-10. Single Phase.
Class 2. 45cm. SPEED CLASS, whole round timed, 2 second added for each knock down, fastest time wins. £8
Class 3. 60cm.  ACCUMULATOR. Height of fences 60cm with option of a JOKER at 80cm for the last fence. 10 fences. fence 1 = 1 point, fence 2 = 2 points etc. fence 10 = 10 points but if you jump the JOKER it = 20 points.If you knock one donw you dont score that fneces points, if you knock the JOKER down you loose 20 points. and its all times. £8
Class 4. 70cm.  Pairs.  First person jumps fences 1 – 8. second one jumps fences 8 – 1, and second rider is timed. ( you can jump in more than one pair,) £12 per pair
Class 5. 80cm  SPEED CLASS. whole round timed, 2 seconds added for each knock down, fastest time wins. £8
Class 6. 90cm. ACCUMULATOR. Height of fences 90cm with option of a JOKER at 1.10m  £8.
Class 7. 1m.  GRAND PRIX. A7. All clears come back in to jump off against the clock. £8
Class 8. 1.10m  SINGLE PHASE  £8.


August 27th
October 29th

Approx 8 show jumps followed by approx 8 arena XC jumps. We will try to run with the show jumps in the one arena and the XC in the other, The XC part is timed fastest clear wins.
9pm – 10 pm.
Clear round jumps small, £6 per go. over just the XC part.
CLASS 1  Trotting poles and 1/2 x poles, shorter course,  Helpers allowed £6 per go.
CLASS 2.  45cm  Helpers Allowed. Over full course. £10
CLASS 3  60cm. £10
CLASS 4. 70 cm. £10
CLASS 5. 80 cm. £10
CLASS 6. 90 cm. £10
CLASS 7. 1m. £10
CLASS 8. 1.05/1.10 m. £10
All entries on the day and open to all. The XC JUMPS are knock down arena type jumps, and will inc off set jumps, skinnies, a brush, corner etc. Entries for classes 2 – 8 £10.




The clinics are run in groups of up to 5 people of similar jumping ability, and we try to make them progressive and fun. JP takes the braver and Caroline the more novice, but we will get you all going and having fun jumping. £15 per person.



Barbara is a dutch dressage rider, and we have run a few dressage days with her and everyone is very happy.   £35 for a 45 min private lesson. More dates soon.

To book for the dressage clinics PLEASE email or message or use landline we don’t get texts.



For Adult camps please see the ADULT CAMP page.